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Primary School

Seaford, VIC
Solar-powered sunscreen blinds
Completion Date
April 2021
Solar powered electric roller blinds for schools.

Early February 2021, when new school year started. St Anne Seaford Primary School called us for getting some large school class windows furnished with blinds.  The windows are measured about 3.5 meter wide and 1.8m high. Each window is divided by 3 frames, see photo below:


  • Each window (3.5m*1.8m) to be covered with threeblinds with 2 linking joints so that the open close actions work as singleblind.
  • To use sun screen to block out majority of thedamage light while outside view remain visible.
  • To use Blinqe electric blinds with simple tagoperation to avoid pulling heavy blinds and break chain all the time ifotherwise looping chain drive is applied. Blinqe electric blinds are innovativesolution offering modernised operation with huge costs, e.g. electrician work,wiring. So that most applications can benefit the smartness.
  • To attach solar panel to be the power sourceavoiding/minimising need for recharging.

We went ahead to calculate the costs and provide the quoteto the school. See below the quotation for the project:

The project is made up with 47 blinds, 45 are linked to make15 ultra large blinds, two are independent blinds. Per blind costs is about$200 which is about average sun screen blinds with loop chain driver. With the same costs, the school benefits the advantage of electric blinds. They are looking elegant, modern with smooth movements and very easy to operate, and the blinds will last long without interruption of broken chains and side tracking as result of uneven pulling force as with looking chain drive. Blinqe electric blinds can be easily upgrade to any kinds of control any time in product life, e.g. wireless remote control, smart phone APP, internet remote operation or voice commands.

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