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Retrofit Electric Blinds

Maribyrnong, VIC
Solar-powered blind drives
Completion Date
May 2021
Retrofit existing manual blinds with Blinqe solar-powered electric drives.

A customer enquiry was received through Blinqe website. Well located inner city apartment building has got great views. Such kind of apartments are loved by retired people who wish to have all the conveniences and hassle-free lifestyle. The particular customer had searched for automated blinds online and put the enquiry to us. When we come to the site, we noticed the blinds were fair large and high, and they are in good condition. The blinds could be saved if retrofit our motors with existing blinds. The windows access good lights and solar panel can be effectively generate enough power there to power the operations. Therefore, we suggested:

  • Retrofit electric drivers to the existing blinds.
  • Use Blinqe solar panel for all the windows to extend charging intervals or eliminate need for charging completely.
  • Add wireless receiver to each motor to make all the blinds remote control activated as the customer was looking for “automated” solution for the blinds.

Since it was retrofit, there is no need to wait for the blinds manufactured. The job was arranged to be carried out next day. There were 6 blinds to be retrofit to motorised, sized from 1.5mto 3m wide and all 2.8m high. Use one Blinqe 6 channel remote set for a few group-control and individual control formats to cater different situations.

The costs was $200 per window include the solar panel, add-on wireless receiver, tag for individual operation, and installed and set to the several group and individual control formats.

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