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Mountain Retreat

Ferny Creek, VIC
Battery operated screen blinds
Completion Date
June 2021
Replacing old hardwired electric blinds with state of the art syncronised battery blinds.

A mountain retreat had been installed motorised blinds in one area back years ago. The particular area is with a large opening view divided in 3 sections with timber frame. Each section is about 2.7m wide. The original 3blinds were linked together and driven by one AC motor, therefore the blinds cannot be individually operated. The liking solution is usually for saving costs as motorised blinds are costly. Because it was a AC powered motor, the wire up was done by electrician.  

We made a quote to replace existing blinds in the area with electric blinds, all to be individually operable as well as group controllable. The owner turned around to add 3 more blinds (originally manually operated) to be replaced with our electric blinds.

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