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House Extension

Ashwood, VIC
Battery operated light filtering blinds
Completion Date
April 2021
Battery operated blinds for a sunroom built on old deck.

A house in an established suburb has recently completed an extension. The new section is built with aluminium framed glass window around, supported with some metal posts. The customer wanted to have automated blinds to cover all the glass windows. Solar panel is not suitable in this case as some windows are with sliding panes. Thanks to the simplicity of Blinqe charging method, the charging won’t be a hassle at all. Based on experience of the years in develop customised solution for window covering automation, Blinqe has come up with a series of inventions that are combined into this newly released driver. The charging is only needed once in about 6 months. The connection between charging cable and the driver is a magnetic connector, the other end is simply a USB connector to be plugged to any USB charger, e.g. a charger for smart phone. The suggested plan is:

  • Select Ice White translucent roller blind fabric matching surrounding colours.  
  • All drivers are with addon wireless receiver as the customer wanted fully automated operations/controls. One 6 channel remote control to operate the blinds individually as well as all in one group.
  • Link for purchasing a third party Wi-Fi connection unit suggested to the customer.

Overall project include 6 large electric blinds, wireless control, charging kit, fully installed and tested, connected to Wi-Fi connection unit, to be able to operate via APP and voice commands. Total costs: ~$2500.

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