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City Apartment

West Melbourne, VIC
Battery operated blockout blinds
Completion Date
April 2021
Replacing manual blinds with Blinqe battery operated electric blinds.

The customer put through an enquiry to replace partially (4) the window covering with Blinqe electric blinds. She wanted two to be operated by wireless remote and two by tag. After installation of the 4 blinds, she went on for replacing all remaining window coverings to Blinqe electric blinds, all to be wireless control option. The job involved total 8 electric roller blinds with addon wireless remote-control receivers, two 6-channel remote controls, fully installed and set to group and individual operate formats. Total cost: $2,500.

With perfect aligned movements and position stopped, the view of the city through the windows is really great. Modern, elegant, smart living achieved via a simple press of fingertip.

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