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Electric blinds buyers' guide

Are electric blinds expensive

Electric blinds have been regarded luxury option as they have been expensive. For the window furnishing trade, electric blinds are “very technical” that requires expertise and technical skills to be able to offer the product properly, and they usually need electrician to wire up. In general, electric blinds are priced 2-5 times of that of manually operated blinds with the same fabric etc.  

Blinqe, with its innovative approach, can now offer electric blinds in the same price range as manually operated blinds. It opens the option to the consumers as electric blinds become affordable.

Are electric blinds worth it

Without technology advancement, we, human beings, would still live in forest and eat raw. Modern society has evolve so fast that people give up what were widely used a decade ago.  Today, hand a writing letter is a precious item. When everyone has got a phone set on hand, who would use telegraph? Does anyone cook rice without use rice cooker? You will need to pay more if your really want to have a car with manual cranking windows, or a car without centre locking today.  

Window blinds have been operated the same way for decades. If it is not because costs factor, it should be modernised long time ago. Manually operating open/close blinds could be rough, could damaged the window furnish by uneven force. The looping chains/ropes on manually operated blinds are hazardous to yang kids. It has been evidenced that yang children were killed by those chains/ropes on the manually operated blind.  

Electric blinds provide day to day convenience to one’s living, bring feel of modern living to the next level. As the window furnishing is driven by even force during operating, electric blinds prolong the product live significantly. Blinqe offers the advanced features that makes multiple blinds operate by one push of button, all blinds move at same speed, stop at the same horizontal level, provide elegant vision at your desire with a minimum effort.  

You can reach to operate your blinds from anywhere around world if your chose the networking options. It enhances security as the blinds are operated as if you are at home even if you are not. You may link your window blinds to your home automation system where all your appliances maybe controlled via one platform, or simple by your mobile phone.  

Once electric blinds become affordable, they are most desirable to most commercial applications. For example, window blinds in school classrooms can be centralised operated to avoid anyone carelessly pull the chain and damage the blinds as it commonly takes place with individually operated manual blinds. With Blinqe blinds, multiple blinds are lined up to the same horizontal level, a much better image comparing with the up and down massy looking. It is obvious that there are many advantages once window furnishing operations can be automated, we just cannot list them all here, above are just a few examples.  

How are electric blinds powered

Most electric blinds have been hardwired and powered by AC line power (include ones use DC power via power adaptor to AC power point). To avoid the hassle and costs of electrician wiring, or in certain cases, electric AC power is not accessible, battery powered may come to play. The batteries used to power electric blinds need to be replaced or recharged over the time. Solar powered electric blinds can avoid replacing or recharging if sufficient sunlight power could be accessible. However, such sufficient sunlight condition is not available in every location, solar powered solution itself cannot be a ultimate solution to the power source need of electric blinds.  

With over a decade product development for the window covering industry, Blinqe has become the pioneer in solving the power source issues. Blinqe offers solar powered electric blinds with easy recharging method which is specially designed to overcome the issue in case sunlight power is not sufficient. The recharging intervals could be significantly extended, e.g. from 6 months to 24 month.  

The solar powered electric blinds with rechargeable facility eliminate the hassles associated to AC power, overcome the issue of insufficient sunlight. It is most ideal power source solution to electric blinds. It makes electric blinds much affordable so more and more people can enjoy the benefits of modernised living.  

How are electric blinds installed

Traditionally, electric blinds are only powered by AC line power. To make the power available to the window, electrician needs to make the power route from where the power line is to the location. In many cases, such wiring needs to make change to the building structure. Obviously, it won’t be allowed to a historic building. Many dwelling house owners won’t be happy to alternations to the building for just making blinds electrically powered. AC powered electric blinds have its limitations in installation.  

A solar powered or battery powered electric blinds, however, don’t have limitation as with the AC powered ones. They are virtually no difference to a manually operated blinds as far as installation is concerned. Therefore, solar powered or battery powered electric blinds don’t increase costs in installation. The only extra work comparing to the manually operated ones is the set the top and bottom stop limits, and pair the remote control if it is needed.  

How electric blinds work

Once upon car window has to be cranked manually for going up and down. You will only need to put a button to operate the car windows these days. Just like the scenario with cars, you will need only press a button to operate your electric blinds. Furthermore, electric blinds could be even operated remotely, e.g. via internet, or in conjunction with home automation systems to be responsible to your voice commands and etc.  

The advanced electric blinds such as Blinqe blinds are electronically controlled. The blinds will stop at top and bottom limits (or any predetermined intermediate stops) automatically. The tag switch is the unique feature invented by Blinqe, which allow to operate the blinds without a remote.  There are many advanced features that accommodate various needs in our modern living. For example, you may operate multiple blinds with a single press of button while you still can be operated the blinds individually. All the blinds move to the same speed, aligned to same horizontal line. Aligned blinds provides a much elegant view from both inside and outside.  

With Blinqe blinds, you have the options of simple tag switch, or add on receiver module to allow various wireless controls. The receive module can be up graded and replaced late on when further advanced technology become popular, therefore much desirable.  

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