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Upgrade today for $187.00 inc GST.

Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME offer and upgrade your current blinds to motorised with Blinqe TODAY!
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Make your windows a feature with beautiful BLINQÉ power blinds.

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Let the Sunshine In

See the world differently.

Impress visitors with the theatre of automated blinds moving in perfect synchrony, off the touch of a button or even your voice.

Avoid a blind panic.

Because kids and cords don't mix

Australian studies have shown that 12 children per year die from strangulation due to blind cords, with many more seriously injured. Motorised blinds are cordless – providing peace of mind, and increased safety for your family.

Affordable luxury for every home.

High end motorised blinds without the price tag

Blinqe Blinds are motorised blinds specialist, with our very own designed products available, you can now transfer your interior blinds from manual to motorised for as little as $187.00 Inc. GST!

See the world differently.

Let the sunshine in

We respond to natural light. Our biological clocks want to wake and sleep with the sun, and natural lighting enhances the colours and textures of our home décor. Control your home’s ambience and adjust your natural lighting according to the weather, the activity at hand, or even your own mood.

The ups and downs of motorised blinds

Motorised blinds are a welcome addition to any home. Unfortunately they normally come with a hefty price tag. Until now. BLINQÉ have turned the motorised blind category on its head. Founded by engineers, BLINQÉ offers all the design features, durability, convenience and style of a high end product but at an affordable price. How? The people who designed the product also own the factory. Which means every motorised system is manufactured to their exacting specifications, with affordability, along with function, style and durability, already built in.

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